About the Teaching English Blog

This blog is dedicated to the subject of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It will include posts on multiple topics related to the business of teaching English, learning how to teach English, and learning English as a foreign learner.

Posts on the Teaching English Blog will likely include:

  1. Reviews and recommendations of educational opportunities for English teachers.
  2. Reviews and recommendations of books on the topic of teaching English.
  3. Recommendations from or about professional organizations for English teachers, such as IATEFL and TESOL, of which I am a member.
  4. Reviews and recommendations of various teaching methods and foreign schools for English learners.
  5. Lesson plans written for various levels of foreign English learners.
  6. Recommendations and links to other sites designed for English learners and English teachers.

About the Author

My name is e.b. sarver, and I’m the author of most of the articles on this blog. I cannot promise you that I am completely objective, and as a matter of fact, I won’t even attempt to be. This blog, like the others in my network, offers only my personal opinions, and should not be mistaken as an attempt to be an objective observer. This blog will be personal, and as such, will offer personal opinions of the author(s).

Guest authors may be offered the option to write an article on this blog from time to time. Mostly, these will be my personal friends and other English teaching colleagues with whom I have become acquainted. I may not always agree 100% with their views, but I can promise you that I will never allow someone to post if I do not respect their ability to offer their own authentic opinion. Neither will I offer a guest author spot to someone whose teaching abilities I do not respect.

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