Request for Contributors

I just want to put a request out there to all my friends who teach English as a foreign language or second language. If you have made my acquaintance, are a teacher or trainer of teachers, and would like a platform from which to voice some of your wisdom, I invite you to send me your contributions.

If you have a lesson plan, or advice for fellow teachers, or hints and tips, please contact me directly, or post a response to this blog post.

I would love to expand this blog rapidly, and unlike some of the other blogs in my network, I really want this one to be a place with multiple contributors. This can help me and many other teachers grow, learn and expand.

Please feel free to pitch me any idea you have in mind, and if I think it is a fit for this blog, I’ll create a guest account on here for you, so you can start making posts.

If you need photos or media for your posts, I use Dreamstime as my source for clip art, photos and other media. Just let me know which images you need (provide links to the images), and I’ll use my account to purchase them for your article, and upload them so you can place them in your article.

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